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Fine Wooden Planes. Made in England. Est. 2007

Superior Marking Gauge

Our traditional style marking gauge is made from Rosewood, brass and high carbon steel - it features a unique locking mechanism that allows easy and accurate adjustment, locking securely. Featuring three types of stylus, this is the only marking gauge you will ever need - a Pin for general layout work, a Knife for cross grain and veneer work and a Pencil for marking out without leaving a deep indentation.

Easy to adjust, it locks securely without damaging the shaft - there is no separate foot to loose if you dissemble the gauge. It has a definite heft in the hand and is a pleasure to use - this is a tool that will last you a lifetime and that you will be proud to own!

Price £139 plus shipping

I also have other timber choices available - English Box Wood, American Cherry, Steamed Pear as well as Rosewood

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Testimonials on our new gauge....

The marking gauge is a fantastic piece. The combination of dense hardwood, and brass, give the tool significant heft, which combined with the well-thought geometry, helps pull the pin to the wood, keeping the line dead nuts accurate, even on tough grain. This is now my go-to gauge for all work except large panels, replacing three gauges in my box to-boot. My son commented "this is no toy, Dad," and I agree in particular when comparing to other gauges I own.